CCTV Video Surveillance Cameras with the best available CCD Chips in the market. Look at Best Quality to find out why.

Our recommendation – in this order:

  1. HD-SDI and EX-SDI Coax Cameras
  2. AHD Coax Cameras
  3. IP-Network Cameras

Why we recommendate coax cameras?
Every IP-Address is a potential security hole in your network. In the year 2016 are thousands of network cameras vitims of hackers. They use zero-day hole and a lot of high sensitive material was stolen of thousands of companies in the world.

So if you have only a coax recorder to manage in your network, and not every IP-Address of a network camera, you have a lot of problems less in your daily business. The coax cameras are available in Full-HD, what is enough to see a lot of detailled items.

Original picture of a HD-SDI Coax camera from
Original picture of a HD-SDI Coax camera from

Indoor Cameras, all Cameras are available as Coax and IP-Cam

Indoor Cameras    
Minicam available in Coax and IP
Vario Dome Indoor 2,8-12mm
Miniature Camera Full-HD
Vario Dome 2,8-12mm


Hidden Cameras Indoor

Smoke Detector Camera Full-HD
(Coax and IP)


Outdoor Cameras

Vario Dome IP66